What's 'The Katch'?

'The Katch' is a beautifully designed wireless portable Bluetooth speaker by Dali Speakers. I was fortunate enough to be involved in their campaign behind their latest product. Dali and the wonderful peeps at Media Blaze filmed me doing my thang, a kind of 'Day In The Life Of...' sort of vibe.

We began filming my day pretty early (much earlier than I would usually choose to start working on music mind!) at my humble cosy little New Cross flat, where I have my home studio set up. Then mid-morn(ish) we moved on to the wonderful Premises Studios in Hoxton where we did some recording for my tune 'Go', including some final mix touches by co-producer/musical partner in crime Jimmy Wood; The Katch works so perfectly as an additional monitor when in the studio. It's a more accurate representation of how a good chunk of people hear music today too; smaller more compact speakers. The bass on it has balls unlike most portable speakers i've used in the past and it stretches to a decent volume too whilst maintaining clarity and without distorting. We now use this wonderful speaker as part of our everyday studio set up, including taking it on the road with us where we use it as our main monitor, it's amazing!

We eventually after quite a few hours shooting and recording finished quite randomly at a local Hoxton laundrette that just so happened to work as the most perfect backdrop! Out of all the creative options we had surrounding us all day, this was possibly my fav visually! Ha! It must have been that beaut shade of blue behind me...

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