Girls n' Boys/ Chicos y Chicas/Babs n' Bobs! This is my very first official blog so do bear with me whilst I learn how this thing works, runs, functions! (I'm sure i'll learn the appropriate terminology for this in the near future when I become a master blogger of all bloggers!) I've decided that now is as gooder time as any though to start...

It was only recently when I sat thinking to myself- Bloody 'ell! I've actually built up quite a story already with this crazy music industry shite! I've been through a decent number of ups and downs; signed a record deal (up!), battled with the 'sharks' (down), performed with and supported some incredible musicians (up!), learnt the hard way TOO many times (down)... In a tiny nut shell (because that information doesn't even touch the sides) my story started earlier than I thought! I should've started a flippin' blog ages ago...

So, it is these kinds of experiences that cause many a musician/singer to walk, run, leg it faster than a tiny mouse on speed!! It touches every nerve, pushes every button, cranks every tear valve to the max! I can tell you this from personal experience... BUT most of all of course, it gives you a much MUCH thicker skin! In fact, I think it builds a whole new skin entirely!

A few years ago I was incredibly naive and vulnerable, and now I can almost smell the bull shit a mile off! I can see through those false smiles (not all of them I might add, that's impossible in this industry, but far more and far quicker than before!) and I rarely allow smoke to venture my nether regions...

This is only my introduction, so I will be leaving it there for now but will make every effort to post regularly. I won't over cook the bacon/ over egg the cake etc... But if you've read this far and plan on checking in for more posts, I appreciate the fact you've taken the time to sit and hear my ramblings!

Love n' laughter n' that!


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