"JJ's got the potential to be one of the biggest acts to come out of the UK in recent years..." - Jake Gosling, Producer (Ed Sheeran/Christina Perri) & Award Winning Songwriter

"An incredible musician!" - Labrinth (Singer/Musician/Producer)

"I think ten years from now she will be the biggest artist out of Manchester ever, bigger than Oasis or New Order in terms of what she does. She’s so talented and possesses world class potential" - Clint Boon, Inspiral Carpets

"I was around to see Jimi perform 'Little Wing' in person back in the day and your interpretation made me emotional and gave me goosebumps" - Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac

JJ Rosa is a stunning singer, songwriter and musician with phenomenal musical prowess. JJ possesses a wonderfully evocative voice and has many critical guitar fingers trembling in awe! A devotee of the Fender Stratocaster (JJ is a Fender Artist) she has a genuine bond with the instrument.

JJ has been performing in bands ever since high school, performing live is really second nature!  Being brought up listening to both Soul and Rock music, and later discovering Rnb and Hiphop, it's clear all these influences deeply submerged themselves in to JJ's subconscious producing what can only be described as hybrid!

When it comes down to it JJ is her own woman and not someone who hangs to the coattails of her idols and heroes. That voice is a soulful and captivating bird in itself! JJ is also trained classically on piano from a young age and produces/co-produces several of her own material.

There are so few musicians that are as ambitious as JJ and have such a pedigree and potential. With the critics raving and the public already hooked, it will not be too long until the Manchester-born artist is one of the hottest names in music…

Pandora (Snippet) - JJ Rosa
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Strong (Snippet) - JJ Rosa
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I Won't Give You My Heart (Snippet) - JJ Rosa
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Don't say I ain't strong enough

Don't say that I can't

Rebellion in my blood

Fire in my hand

Nadine Scott or Cathy Mathalone 
Cathy Mathalone 
(Live) Jim Griffiths