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Jimmy Wood | Producer | Writer | Remixer | Engineer | 

At the early age of 11 Jimmy Wood discovered the world of electronic music. When everyone else was obsessing over Spice Girls, Jim was out buying Chemical Brothers. 
Brought up in a musical family, with 3 older siblings also learning various instruments; violin, classical guitar etc, Jim who is the youngest of four, decided he'd channel his inner John Bonham and opt for the drums! Parent's thrilled of course... Jim also took to guitar and piano for a short while but his heart naturally called out to something louder, bigger and well, better?!
His love of the '80s sound stemmed partly from his mother's taste and partly from his own intrigue in to the electronically infused, synth heavy decade itself. But it wasn't until he ventured in to the world of actually writing his own electronic music; teaching himself how to use Cubase in his bedroom 'til the early hours of the morning, very often making himself extremely late for school, where he found his real love for music technology, sounds, creating beats, midi and all the mind-boggling things in between! 
Also a huge fan of old skool hiphop; Jurassic 5, NWA, Wu Tang and the like, all fuel part of Jim's groove obsession. These past and also present influences have embedded themselves in to Jim's subconscious resulting in a beautiful and harmonious collaboration that translates brilliantly in to even the most dainty of pop songs!
Jim's skills progressed in to music production from his years working with JJ Rosa; Singer, writer and musician, but also band mate. Jim and JJ have been working together since their late teens, where due to their contrasting abilities and creative talents, they both bring something completely different to the table. J and J have now formed their own production company called Cry Out, writing and producing daily and building up an extensive portfolio.
Jimmy Wood's incessant attention to detail, intellect (he studied electronic engineer at Imperial College, and Professional Video and Sound at Salford Uni) but most importantly natural flare for the creative, is without doubt the reason why he possesses that raw natural ability and potential to follow in the footsteps of his idols such as Giorgio Moroder and Daft Punk, and why there is absolutely no reason why Jimmy Wood couldn't and shouldn't become one of this generation's most respected and influential producers! 
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