So we're performing on the main stage at the fabulous festival that is Kendal Calling. It's in the Lake District so i'm fully planning on chilling my knicks for a couple days around that neck of the woods to take in the beautiful surroundings; for those of you who haven't ventured that way before i'd highly recommend- it's a real stunner!! We're opening for the wonderful Kelis and Madness. Rudimental headline the previous eve so we'll have a lot of sore heads to wake up, but i'm confident we can get people back on their feet and feeling the party vibes again pretty quickly! Festival season hasn't been as busy this year for us as we've been concentrating on our material in the studio and that

Pretty Little Thing

Very excited to be teaming up with the fab team at Pretty Little Thing in a couple of weeks for our performance at Kendal Calling festival. I'll be back stage with the girls filming live Snapchat and Insta videos and of course wearing some of their fabulous garments too! I'll be doing a whole feature on what we get up to including snaps of me wearing PLT clothing, with links to how you can get your hands on the items yourselves! More to come so keep checking in, J x


So we've been all systems go go go in our efforts to getting past, present and future songs finished, recorded and produced up but most importantly - sounding bangin'! Myself and my partner in musical crime Jimmy Wood, (for those of you who don't know, Jim is my drummer but also a very talented producer and electronic artist in his own right AKA 7Star) We have been socks up, heads down (that very well known saying, ha!) to get our repertoire ready to move to that all important next stage; this being some what of a mystery to us right this second but the benefits of starting a blog means you can follow our story and see what happens next! It's going to be as much of a surprise to you guys as


Girls n' Boys/ Chicos y Chicas/Babs n' Bobs! This is my very first official blog so do bear with me whilst I learn how this thing works, runs, functions! (I'm sure i'll learn the appropriate terminology for this in the near future when I become a master blogger of all bloggers!) I've decided that now is as gooder time as any though to start... It was only recently when I sat thinking to myself- Bloody 'ell! I've actually built up quite a story already with this crazy music industry shite! I've been through a decent number of ups and downs; signed a record deal (up!), battled with the 'sharks' (down), performed with and supported some incredible musicians (up!), learnt the hard way TOO many t